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Running a work-from-home social media manager business is a great way to earn income. Social media managers can make anywhere from $1,000 – $10,000+ per month by providing small and large businesses services that will help them increase customer engagement, sales, and leads on social media channels.

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Social media is a popular marketing strategy because more businesses are turning away from traditional forms of advertising. Social media is cheaper and more effective than print ads, television commercials, and even other forms of online advertising.

According to a recent study, 81% of small and large businesses use social media to communicate to their clients. Some companies have even paid upwards of $30k for a complete social media strategy. Considering these numbers, and the fact that many businesses lack the time, resources, and skills to manage their social media presence, social media consultants are in high demand. Clearly, there are many opportunities to make money as a social media manager.


The great thing about starting a social media manager business is that it doesn’t require a large investment. In fact, it may not require any investment. All you need is a computer and an Internet connection, and essentially you could work from anywhere in the world.

Many people offer social media services on a full-time basis, and many grow their businesses to be full-scale social media marketing agencies, hiring several employees. Others work as part-time freelancers, offering social media services as a side-hustle while they work a full-time job. Social media provides a great opportunity to earn supplemental income.

You may already have experience using social media to keep in touch with family and friends, so it’s likely you have a general familiarity with how the major social media networks function. While creating a social media strategy and content for a business is completely different, there are many resources available to help you figure it out. Including the Social Boss Academy.

As with any other business venture, starting a work-from-home social media business requires hard work and dedication. It also requires confidence in selling, a general understanding of social media and digital skills, as well as a creative and entrepreneurial spirit.


Social media managers create strategies for clients that range from easy to advanced, depending on the client’s objectives and goals. Here are the more popular services offered by social media managers:

  • Setting up social media business profiles, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok, and Pinterest
  • Conduct social media audits and provide detailed reports
  • Consulting
  • Creating a social media strategy
  • Community management including managing Facebook groups, responding to posts and private messages
  • Content writing and development including writing blog posts, writing social media posts, and creating images
  • Social media advertising including managing Facebook and Instagram ad accounts
  • Speaking and training, teaching companies best practices on social media
  • Social media virtual assistant
  • Work with influencers to promote user-generated content about a company
  • Create stylized social media content

Additionally, social media management requires the following skills:

  • Needs to write, curate, or create engaging content
  • Interact with online audiences  and build community surrounding client’s brand
  • Grow followers and message reach
  • Report effectiveness of social media and how it has improved client’s business
  • Understand social media as advertising platforms


There are many ways to find social media consulting work. Here are just a few ways:

  • By reaching out to potential clients on social media
  • Writing blog posts about the importance and value of social media targeting a specific niche
  • Offering free workshops on how to use social media to local organizations
  • Word of mouth
  • Cold emailing
  • Freelancing job sites like Upwork
  • Networking

If you’re excited at the possibility of pursuing a social media manager business, consider purchasing the Social Boss Academy SASSY SMM Bundle, loaded with all the templates, checklists, workflows and more needed to book high paying clients. It’s the same method I used that allowed me to quit my 9-5!

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