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If you’re like the other lady bosses I’ve coached, you’re probably working a full-time job, while building your social media manager side hustle empire.

Kudos to you!

It’s not easy.

Long hours. No free time.

But it’s a temporary sacrifice that will pay off in the end. Until then, how do you handle it all?

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  • Schedule free time – Whether it’s once or twice a week, commit to doing something you love, like yoga, going for a walk, or Netflix binging. Whatever it is, set aside time to disconnect from work and your clients and recharge your mental batteries.
  • Create a side-hustle routine – Just because you have a side-hustle, it doesn’t mean you need to work 7 days a week. Schedule all your “freelance” time during the work week. Even if it means waking up early, or going to bed late at night. For example, before I quit my job, I knocked out all of my freelance work early in the morning. I dedicated two hours before work, Monday-Thursday, leaving my evenings and weekends free.
  • Work from home days – Considering everything that’s currently going on, it’s very likely you’re working from home. If not, negotiate with your employer to work from home one day a week. This will give you some flexibility to squeeze in your side-hustle during regular work hours. Just make sure not to leave anything unattended with your day job.
  • Use Parkinson’s Law to your advantage – Parkinson’s Law essentially boils down to this: If you give yourself an hour to complete a task, it’ll take an hour. But if you give yourself 15 minutes to complete that same task, you’ll complete it in 15 minutes. Next time you begin working on a side-hustle assignment, ask yourself, how long will it take me to complete this task? Divide the answer in half, and give yourself that deadline to complete it. Think of all the time you’ll save to do something you love.
  • Hire a virtual assistant – I say this all the time, but if you plan on scaling your business, eventually you’ll need help. Hire a VA to take on some of the freelance tasks that you can easily delegate.

Any other suggestions? Share ways you incorporate balance and how you’re able to juggle your day job with your social media manager side hustle.

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